Khaleef Technologies responds to PSL contract termination by PCB

Khaleef Technologies has been working in Digitization of Sports especially the game of Cricket for the last several years in collaboration with notable cricketing bodies including but not limited to “The International Cricket Council (ICC)” as their Official Digital Clip Rights holder for 4 years (2015-2019). Khaleef has also partnered with various cricket leagues around the globe most notably Afghanistan Premier League, Bangladesh Premier League, T10 Cricket League and Canadian Premier League.

Over the years, Khaleef has revolutionized the digital cricket viewing experience for the users with a touch of modern-day innovation. We are the founders and have pioneered the idea of ball-by-ball clips which we pitched to the Pakistan Cricket Board and the Pakistan Super League. We have been running the clips, with their collaboration, for over four years now and have provided our users a groundbreaking experience to enjoy cricket.

In reference to the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) sudden contract termination, it comes as a complete surprise and a shock to Khaleef Technologies as the company in recent times was neither notified about any issue regarding contractual breaches nor “the rights fee or the non-submission of the requisite payment securities.”

Khaleef Technologies was not aware of any inclination by the PCB to take such a drastic step. There were lingering issues which were addressed to PCB and we had hoped to work with the PCB to resolve.

It is pertinent to note that the coronavirus pandemic, which resulted in the postponement of the HBL PSL playoffs, had caused an unprecedented delay in contractual payments from customers / sponsors as markets were jolted by the lockdown.

The delay had been conveyed to the PCB and a revised plan for the rights fee and payments was communicated, and Khaleef is making payments according to shared plan as of today.

Khaleef Technologies is hurt by the PCB's decision to address this matter publicly by doing a press release without formally redressing their grievances. Throughout the period of the contractual partnership, Khaleef has always been respectful and been open for communication. In regard to which, we expected the same level of professionalism from the cricket body as well.

While we are hopeful that we will be able to find an amicable solution that is in the interest of Pakistan Cricket, we are also constrained to look at other options available with us.


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