About Us

Khaleef is an industry-leading digital and telecom specialist, passionate about creating dynamic and engaging digital experiences .

We believe in bringing impact in the world through digital. We have built, invested and worked on multiple innovative and meaningful projects such as Cricket-infotainment related platform, gaming platforms, innovative platforms for making payments, healthcare apps and digital resources for children. We are on our way to becoming a technology powerhouse, on the lookout for exciting opportunities to capitalize on, in order to ride the wave of tech-enabled businesses.

About Us

Integrating cutting- edge tech, Khaleef is synonymous to carving a new path that leads to success for us and anyone who works with us. Being one of the forerunners in the Digital and Telecom Industry, we apply innovative and effective solutions to real world challenges as we turn ideas into initiatives and reimagine business for the digital age!

Combining years of experience, unparalleled technology and youthful innovation, we at Khaleef strive to create meaningful journeys of digital experiences so you can accelerate growth through the possibilities of our new digital world! Be a fellow innovator, a telecom provider, a small business or an investor seeking a brilliant new idea and let Khaleef transform the ordinary into truly striking!


“We built this company on the belief that technology should empower and improve the lives of the people who use it. We encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and seek to put smart solutions to the world problems all in the palm of their hands. Our foundations are rife with the expertise and experiences of our people, our teams. We build people and they build our future. With integrity, ownership, perseverance, and compassion as our guiding principles; We cultivate a culture of trust for all, including our partners. It is the basis of all our operations.”

Usman Ali – CEO


We believe that the road to success is paved with partnership, creativity and collaboration.

Our team is founded on the idea that together, we can harness our combined experience and backgrounds to produce truly special digital products and solutions. To that extent, we’ve brought together a talented team of designers, information architects, engineers, content developers and more to give our clients and customers the high-quality experiences they deserve.

Adam Mohyuddin
Chief Operating Officer

Diversified experience in organisational transformation and growth for sustainable value creation.

Ammar Qaiser
Chief Commercial Officer

Over two decades of experience in Product & Services, Carrier Billing / Mobile Payments, Mobile Marketing & Strategic Partnerships.

Ali Gilani
Solutions Architect

A computer science graduate with nine years of versatile experience in managing high traffic scalable applications and payment integrations.